All work is tailored entirely to your needs. The following examples are representative of the bespoke services we can offer.

To create you own unique service, perfectly adapted to your needs please get in touch.

Complete Professional Sports Performance

Working alongside your performance team we provide nutrition advice perfectly matched to your training, recovery and lifestyle. Meals are developed with your private chef to produce delicious, nutritious food that improves your health and performance. Metabolic, blood and body composition testing can all be done in our consulting room or within our Harley Street network.

Family legacy

Complete nutrition and lifestyle support for you and your loved ones. From an initial consultation to understand your desires, we work discreetly with your staff to ensure that your family’s nutrition promotes health and wellbeing. Whatever your needs, whatever the location, we work to ensure that every exquisite dish meets the standards you expect and deserve.

Corporate consultation

We evaluate your company nutrition provision from the new apprentice to the experienced executive. Private consultations are offered to individuals where appropriate, and a complete assessment of corporate nutrition provision is presented in a detailed report. We work closely with your leadership team to unleash the power of food for your business.